When I last posted on this blog, I was about to depart for the House of Mouse. Yep, DisneyWorld. The Magic Kingdom, to be precise. You might wonder why i’m blathering on about my vacation in my Kanban blog. However, an amusement park is the perfect place to find Kanban happening out in the wild. Talk about your EverydayKanban! For our case study, let’s look at roller coaster ride. But, first, a key to get our parallels drawn…

Case study key

  • People == Task/User Story/Issue
  • Queue == Backlog (usually with estimated wait times listed)
  • FastPass == Expedite or Fixed Date type of task/user story/issue
  • “Next up” lines == To Do buffer (WIP limit applied)
  • Roller coaster car == In Progress (WIP limit applied)
  • Exit == Deployment

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