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Video: Overcoming binary thinking with polarity mapping

I was honored to be a part of ProAgile‘s julkalendar, a collection of videos, one for each day from December 1 to December 24th. My contribution was about how we can get in trouble with binary thinking – you know, that kind of thinking where we’re right, they’re wrong, and there’s no gray zone in between? In this video, I share a quick tactic called polarity mapping that can help us with adjusting our thinking for better balance.

In just over 5 minutes you can learn a new skill that can drastically improve discourse at work or in your community.

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  1. The author’s clear explanations and examples made the concept easily understandable and relatable. This article has undoubtedly expanded my understanding of decision-making processes and will be a valuable tool in my professional and personal life. Kudos to the author for presenting such a unique and insightful approach to overcoming binary thinking!

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