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This Week’s Video To Watch: Complex Adaptive Systems


The title of this 18-minute video, “Complexity, citizen engagement in a Post-Social Media time,” seems extremely academic, but the message is germane to every human. Dave Snowden, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge as well as founder and Director of the Centre for Applied Complexity at Bangor University in Wales, helps us see that we embrace a false, primitive dichotomy. That is that we act as if we are either in an ordered or completely chaotic system.

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LeanAgile US: Boosting Agility by Scaling Your Decision-Making

I was very excited to be selected to speak again this year at LeanAgile US 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This is a great conference with knowledgeable and engaging speakers, a growing national audience and lots of positivity and learning. I recommend this up and coming conference for your 2019 plans!

My talk this year is about how to allow more people in your organization to make safe decisions inline with organizational intent so that we can move like a flock of birds – quickly shifting during flight, but in constant alignment. When we no longer have to stop to ask for a decision, we start to foster conditions in which agility can thrive and increase our chances of survival in the disruptive climate of the 21st century.

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This Week’s Video To Watch: Intent based leadership

I selected this week’s video to watch because I’ve been buried in books, videos and articles by Stephen Bungay and David Marquet in preparation for my talk next week at LeanAgile US in Fort Lauderdale. The combination of the two authors is perfect by the way… it gives you the historical context about and tactical implementation suggestions for Intent-Based Leadership (or Directed Opportunism as Bungay calls it.)

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