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Tips on having a stellar standup

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In the book “Death by Meeting,” Patrick Lencioni¬† points out that we often take a meeting and bloat it so that it no longer accomplishes the original intent. I’ve heard enough tales about one-hour standups to know that this is relevant here as well.¬† The fix is to recognize, and stay true to, the original purpose and ensure that everything else is attended to in its own time & space.

Use the standup to make a plan for the day

So, what’s the purpose of a standup meeting?

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Visual Notes from #devopsdays SEA – April 2017

I decided to go back and publish all of the visual notes I’ve done in the past since they are getting such interest. I’m a beginner at all of this. If I can do it, you can too! Here are the visual notes from some select talks at DevOps Days Seattle 2017.

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Make your visualization about the work, not the workers

Visualize the work, not the worker

Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System, said “the purpose of Kanban is to bring troubles to the surface.” We bring these troubles to the surface by visualizing the work and the process it moves through, constraining how much work we handle at a time to see what problems get in our way, and continuously improving that flow to get more and more things of better quality completed faster and faster.¬† But, did you know that how you design your Kanban board can shape the information you are able to see and how you process that information?

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