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This week’s video to watch: Pass Information, Not Instructions

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, watching and general researching in preparation for my talk “Boosting Agility by Scaling Your Decision-Making” at LeanAgile US later this month. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a key component to scale decision-making is to enable and prepare more people to make decisions. So, of course, I’m going to be reading and watching David Marquet.

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This week’s video to watch: What Agile is Not

This video is episode four of Jim Benson‘s series called the Agile Heretic. While the title of the series sounds provocative, the intent is only to help us reflect on how things have evolved. While questioning things can be thought of as heretical, I believe that the intent behind this video series is to remind us that it serves to improve, protect, not destroy. So, take ~12 minutes and listen with open ears to hear more about these seven things Agile is not:

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5 Steps To Visualizing Your Work In Kanban

My focus as an independent consultant at Lagom Solutions is to help people do more work with less stress… in other words, remove unnecessary drama. Visualizing your work is fundamental to that effort. I’ve created a poster that shows a repeatable framework you can use to help any team visualize their work in their context.

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