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The Power of Relationships: Taking the first step

disappointed people

I doubt it will surprise you that most of us are not working in a self-sustaining team that can provide everything it needs. Instead, we frequently need to reach out across team and department boundaries for help in completing our work. We work in complex systems filled with people and technology that inject unexpected concerns and risk. We work in the land of handoffs and dependencies. If you are a student of flow, you learn quickly that it’s these handoffs and dependencies that have exponential, and undesirable, impacts on the time work takes to complete. It becomes clear that, in order to optimize how work flows through our systems, we have to address these touchpoints.

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Visual Notes from #devopsdays SEA – April 2017

I decided to go back and publish all of the visual notes I’ve done in the past since they are getting such interest. I’m a beginner at all of this. If I can do it, you can too! Here are the visual notes from some select talks at DevOps Days Seattle 2017.

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Visual notes from #LASCOT

I thought since I had posted the most recent visual notes from the DevOps Enterprise Summit that I would go back and create a post containing the visual notes from LeanAgile Scotland 2017. It was a great conference. Keep scrolling for visual notes from four selected talks.

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