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This week’s video to watch: Cost of Delay

This short video is one of a longer series of videos produced by AOE and featuring Don Reinertsen, a guru of the economics of product development. One of the things Don teaches people is that economics is a key part of what we do – even if you’re a techie.

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Reflections on maturity models

Seattle Lean Coffee sticky notes

In this week’s Seattle Lean Coffee we discussed the topic of maturity models. When I picture a maturity model in my mind I see a beautiful rendering of professional looking levels defined by specific practices that tell you if you’re in level 1, level 2, level 3, and so on. That may not reflect all maturity models but that’s my immediate mental reaction. And, these types of maturity models are something you want to love. You want life to be as easy as “if I do these 20 things” I’ll be a master of life! However, the reality is that doing those 20 things only allows you to say “I do these 20 things.”

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LeanKit Webinar – Predictability: No Magic Required

crystal ball

One of the great things about working at LeanKit is being able to deliver the occasional webinar on topics that might be beneficial to our customers. As an educator, that’s really exciting. In this webinar, I expand on the content from my talk at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016.  We think that predictability is such an elusive goal and we try so many things to improve it yet we end up becoming less predictable rather than more so. This webinar is aimed at helping us all realize the impacts of common choices we make so that we can improve decision making and become more predictable.

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