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One of the great things about working at LeanKit is being able to deliver the occasional webinar on topics that might be beneficial to our customers. As an educator, that’s really exciting. In this webinar, I expand on the content from my talk at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016.  We think that predictability is such an elusive goal and we try so many things to improve it yet we end up becoming less predictable rather than more so. This webinar is aimed at helping us all realize the impacts of common choices we make so that we can improve decision making and become more predictable.

I will be updating this post with the video very soon. For now, view or download the slides:

Predictability: No Magic Required – LeanKit Webinar (June 2017)

Knowledge work tends to be variable in nature and involves cross-functional teams collaborating on each step of the process. This makes project delivery hard to predict as work may be held up due to unforeseen blockers, hand-off delays, or approval cycles taking longer than expected.

In this webinar, I’ll provide guidance around choices you can make that impact your ability to meet your commitments with confidence.

You’ll learn how to predict the cycle time of work before it’s finished. I will also explain the basics of queuing theory, and the relationship between queue size, capacity utilization, and cycle times.  

In this Webinar

Armed with this insight, you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor your workflow for leading predictability indicators.
  • Make informed choices to maximize your value throughput.
  • Forecast delivery with better accuracy using LeanKit data and analytics.

There’s no magic required in achieving predictable delivery. The secret is using past performance data to predict future behavior.

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