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You might not use releases, but you still need cadences!

Release button on Jira board

The release button on a Jira Kanban board can be immensely useful even when you don’t do releases!

When you’re using a continuous flow process you don’t always have the concept of releases. But, even when you don’t have releases or iterations, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about what you’re able to forecast or accomplish in a particular time span.  Cadences are extremely important because they help us create habits, for better or worse, and they make sure that we pay attention to things at certain intervals. The alternative is that we think we’ll get around to things and we never do… time flies by and we don’t give things the attention they deserve. Scrum builds in the concept of iterations for which you measure velocity in order to plan for future iterations. In a continuous flow process like Kanban, you still have to look at throughput over time so you can do light forecasting and to reflect on what’s been accomplished. You still need cadences, you just don’t stop the flow for releasing or planning. No matter what method you’re using, it’s always helpful to be able to easily see and discuss what has been accomplished over the past week, month or quarter.

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Finding balance with the Lagom Discovery Canvas

It is not uncommon to find ourselves needing to answer such questions as:

  • How much documentation should we write?
  • How much of our code needs test coverage?
  • How much work or how many projects can we work on at one time?

There are no stock answers to these questions. The right answer for you may be different than the right answer for the person next to you in the line for coffee in the morning. There is a parable from “The Way of Testivus” that explains this quite well.  There are some of us that want someone to tell us what to do so we can just go do it and not have to figure it out. But, there are things that no one outside of your context can tell you – they can only give you pointers and guide you in the decision-making process.

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This Week’s Video To Watch: How language shapes the way we think


Cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky shares how language shapes the way we think in this week’s video.  Language can be interpreted as divisive or connective. How often do we consider the cognitive & cultural perspective of the speaker these days before we pounce and attack on social media?

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