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DevOps Days SLC Keynote & Workshop

Heck in a handbasket

My theme at DevOps Days Salt Lake City seemed to be diving into the exploration of unintended consequences, especially negative ones. From my workshop on day one on “How can it go to heck in a handbasket? Exploring the Unhappy Path” to my day two keynote “The Lagom Paradox: Sometimes Less is More?!?”, I try to encourage people to see the value of looking beyond the intended consequences to trying to uncover the problems we cause that we are usually blind to and discuss how we can turn it around.

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This Week’s Video to Watch: The Resource Utilization Trap

Henrik Kniberg has long been one of my favorite coaches because he’s prolific and his teaching and content is relevant and spot on. This video is no exception. It is a great way for visual learners to understand what it means to optimize for resource utilization, or busy-ness, and what it means to optimizing for flow, or finishing work.

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5 Steps To Visualizing Your Work In Kanban

My focus as an independent consultant at Lagom Solutions is to help people do more work with less stress… in other words, remove unnecessary drama. Visualizing your work is fundamental to that effort. I’ve created a poster that shows a┬árepeatable framework you can use to help any team visualize their work in their context.

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