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Month: October 2013

Politics aren’t just for D.C.

Sometimes the workplace can feel like Washington, D.C.. Chock full o’ politics. I’m told I’m being too logical or naive when I outwardly wonder why we can’t just focus on the work and leave all of the kindergarten politics in the schoolyard where it belongs. However, with some perspective, I realize that these political scenarios arise from a system in which people feeling excluded, undervalued or taken advantage of. Those feelings cause people to expect it again and protect themselves by employ measures to avoid feeling that way in the future. Can you guess what happens then? More often than not, the other party now feels the way the first one felt, reacts the same way and bam! Vicious circle time.

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The human factor at work

When a person becomes a new manager and they put on their pointy hair, they are taught a new word for those that they now manage — resources. The word itself is not inherently negative. We have natural resources, finite resources, valuable resources… all things desperately sought after. But, should we treat people like, or refer to them as, things?

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