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Month: September 2015

InfoDiagram: Scrum KnowHow Presentation Visuals

Scrum Timeline

I’ve loved the products on InfoDiagram.com since I discovered their Kanban Project Management Toolbox. In fact, I link to them from my resources page. So, when their founder, Peter Zvirinsky, told me about their new Scrum KnowHow Presentation Visuals, I had to take a look.

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Today I watched the first Seattle Seahawks game of the NFL season. During the game, which we lost, I did get a chance to see a series of Verizon commercials themed around a better network explained in different ways, one of which was a door. This commercial had many of my friends geeking out because it has great parallels to dealing with constraints at work.

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Podcast: The role of a manager in Agile


I was very honored to receive a request to do an interview on the role of a manager in Agile for SPaMCAST after the publishing of my series on Taming the Chaos for Managers.  Of course I graciously accepted!

Please listen as Thomas Cagley and I discuss whether we should get rid of all the managers or embrace the value that they can deliver. We also talk about if the strategy of management in Scrum vs Kanban differs, the value of visualization, why more managers don’t take the tactics that help their teams and apply them to their own work and much, much more.

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