I know that many of you read this blog because you are an agent of change in your organizations – or you want to be. My next public workshop on August 24th in Seattle, WA is just the workshop for you to hone those skills.  Keep reading or register now!

In a safe environment, practice the skills of outcome-centric change facilitation, as described in the book Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation. Working on things that really matter to your organizations or clients, apply some powerful techniques from Clean Language, Lean Startup, A3, Cynefin, and Kanban.

The Agendashift delivery assessment is set as pre-work for this workshop (the URL will be sent to you after registration). In keeping with the assessment, the workshop is light on jargon and prescription and strong on inclusivity and honest reflection. Most of all, it is about opportunities, outcomes, alignment, and action.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at agents of organizational change at all levels of experience and seniority – coaches, consultanta, project/product managers, team/departmental leaders, etc.


Workshop Structure

The day is structured into 4 sections

  1. Discovery: Explore strategic objectives, obstacles, outcomes, change strategies
  2. Exploration: Debrief your Agendashift delivery assessment, agree scope
  3. Mapping: Build a transformation plan
  4. Elaboration: Learn how to generate, frame, and develop actions

Participant Outcomes

  • Practice in a range of outcome-centric facilitation techniques
  • Awareness of the continuous transformation process
  • Understanding of the integration of techniques and concepts from Lean-Agile, Kanban, Clean Language, Cynefin, Lean Startup, and A3.
  • Ability to use Agendashift tools and activities at your workplace


This workshop will be guaranteed to run, and location in downtown Seattle confirmed, once we have 6 registrants. Please contact me if you have any questions about the event!