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This week’s video to watch: Exponential Organizations

Our inaugural “this week’s video to watch” is a meaty one in length at just over 46 minutes and was recommended to me by a new friend here in Seattle.  The speaker, Salim Ismail, teaches viewers all about Exponential Organizations, which is also the name of his book. In his words “Exponential Organizations lays the framework for organizations to adapt and thrive in a world of abundance by diving into new organizational structures that leverage exponential technologies and a shifting global business mindset.”

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2018: A year of exciting change

The year 2018 brings exciting challenges for me. I left a great group of folks at LeanKit at the end of December and started this year by opening up my own Lean/Agile Consulting and Training company, Lagom Solutions. The name Lagom has a lot of significance for my family and me. My family is a Swedish-American family and lagom is a word that defines a concept that is a quintessential part of being Swedish. Lagom means “not too little, not too much, just enough.”

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The Power of Relationships: Taking the first step

disappointed people

I doubt it will surprise you that most of us are not working in a self-sustaining team that can provide everything it needs. Instead, we frequently need to reach out across team and department boundaries for help in completing our work. We work in complex systems filled with people and technology that inject unexpected concerns and risk. We work in the land of handoffs and dependencies. If you are a student of flow, you learn quickly that it’s these handoffs and dependencies that have exponential, and undesirable, impacts on the time work takes to complete. It becomes clear that, in order to optimize how work flows through our systems, we have to address these touchpoints.

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