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Month: March 2012 (page 1 of 2)

LSSC ’12 Boston Schedule

If you’re going, or considering going, to Boston for the Lean Software & Systems Conference, here is the full schedule. You can use sched.org to manage your schedule.

Do you value starting work?

Hey delivery team, customer, project manager… what do you value? What I value has evolved over time. At one point I couldn’t have succinctly answered that question. Now it is crystal clear and seems like the pinnacle of common sense for a manager of a delivery team like me.

I value finishing work over starting work.

This simple realization has completely changed my viewpoint on how I approach nearly all aspects of my job. Now that I have had this epiphany, it seems unreal that I have to explain this or, especially, argue this point to get people on the same page with me on this topic. I often wonder why this isn’t common sense to all. It’s easy to forget I wasn’t always thinking this way.

In the beginning…

Initially there is comfort, amongst delivery teams and customers, in the feeling you get when you begin things. You begin this, you begin that, and you begin some more. You begin as much as possible. You value starting work. It is the measure of your success.

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Kanban tools

I use Atlassian’s JIRA issue tracking system along with their Greenhopper agile plugin at work and am beginning to trial Kanbanery at home. I am curious as to what tools you out there in the wild are using. Please tweet @EverydayKanban or comment here as I would like to trial them. It would also be interesting to know why you chose the tool you are using over others available.

I know that most either love or hate their tools so remember to compare for understanding, not judgement like Henrik Kniberg and Mattias Skarin suggest 🙂

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