I was so excited and honored to get a speaking slot at DevOps Days Salt Lake City 2016. This was the first DevOps days here in Salt Lake City. It has been fun to be at the inaugural events in both Seattle and SLC.  Check out the video and slides from this talk and let me know what you think.

Stop Running with Sharp Metrics

There are a thousand metrics floating around and it is difficult to tell what is truly important. Whether you’re the person who is being measured by something that doesn’t quite make sense or the leader that is trying to figure out just how the heck to show to others that her team is successful, there are a lot of questions out there and a lot of people that are just feeling injured by metrics.
Julia Wester will share examples of good and bad techniques for using data when coaching teams.  Come, listen and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of managing by numbers, including how to identify and avoid vanity metrics, how to choose metrics that drive desired behaviors, and ways to visualize balanced team metrics that enable continuous improvement.

Thanks for watching. You can find the slides here. For information on future speaking opportunities, take a look at my speaking page.