Scrum Timeline

I’ve loved the products on since I discovered their Kanban Project Management Toolbox. In fact, I link to them from my resources page. So, when their founder, Peter Zvirinsky, told me about their new Scrum KnowHow Presentation Visuals, I had to take a look.

I expected to find a great set of fully-editable graphics (I have always loved their great hand-drawn graphics) and I wasn’t disappointed. There are graphics for the various roles, meetings, and major concepts found in Scrum. In addition, though, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the template strives to teach you about scrum in addition to providing you the necessary tools to make future scrum-related presentations.

What’s inside?

  • Scrum basics: History, How to start, Right pilot, Building teams
  • Advanced Scrum Knowledge: A scrum guide and what to do with existing roles!
  • Tips for Scrum elements: Diving into the details on all the rituals plus bits on organizational change, building good teams, etc.
  • Tools & Techniques: planning poker, niko niko calendars and more

Two things you may not know about

stacy diagramThe Stacey Matrix

The Stacey Matrix,  from Ralph Douglas Stacey, is often said to explain the sweet spot for using agile methodologies, which is for complex and complicated projects. It is noted that Agile can work in simple projects, but it is a lot of overhead.


niko niko chartNiko Niko Calendars

This fun tool is meant for capturing team mood. If you’re not measuring this, you definitely should. I think that if you can make your customers happy AND your team happy, you must be doing something right! Just know that not everyone shares their feelings openly.


My opinion is that this template is a great tool to have for those times where you need to explain the Scrum process and the Agile mindset as a whole. I don’t want to give away all of the fabulous features of the template so check it out on their site. You can look through all the slides before deciding to purchase. The iteration graphic is worth the price of admission. Its hard to make that one on your own and have it look nice! 🙂 Go take a look, it won’t be a waste of time.

Big thanks to Peter and the team at for continuing to make such helpful resources for our industry. Follow Peter on twitter: @peter_idiagram.

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