Do you have a shallow kanban implementation?


This year at DevOps Days Seattle, I spoke about how often people get stuck in a very shallow implementation of Kanban. In fact, in many things, we often implement a very thin layer of something good but don’t know how to take improvement to a deeper level. First I introduce the audience to a team that has started an improvement initiative, specifically a Kanban implementation, and they’ve seen results, but still aren’t where they want to be. This story progresses throughout the talk in which I share four common indicators of a shallow Kanban implementation and how you can start to wade a little deeper with your process improvements. I give three areas to address, with (hopefully) tactical tips that you can start immediately when you’re back at the office.

The audience was great and extremely responsive. This was one of the best conferences to speak at in quite a while. I really enjoyed the fruit of the organizing team’s efforts at DevOps Days Seattle. I definitely suggest you check it out next year. I’ll share some visual notes from other talks in a sister post. Subscribe to my blog (to the right) to stay up to date on all the new posts on Check out the slides for this talk below…

Taming the Chaos: Beyond the Quick Wins

Your team started using Kanban boards and visualizing your work a while back and, though everyone is happy about the increased visibility, your team is nowhere near the utopia other teams say they’ve achieved. Even worse, you don’t know why or how to get there!

Many teams hit this same plateau and stop, falling tragically short of the value that can be achieved with deeper Kanban implementations. Julia Wester will share tangible steps to take to help transform shallow kanban implementations into systems focused on flow and continuous improvement.

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