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Kanban tools

I use Atlassian’s JIRA issue tracking system along with their Greenhopper agile plugin at work and am beginning to trial Kanbanery at home. I am curious as to what tools you out there in the wild are using. Please tweet @EverydayKanban or comment here as I would like to trial them. It would also be interesting to know why you chose the tool you are using over others available.

I know that most either love or hate their tools so remember to compare for understanding, not judgement like Henrik Kniberg and Mattias Skarin suggest 🙂


  1. Hi, I have recently introduced to my project team KanbanTool. I have been using this tool before as my personal organizer. It seems intuitive so I decided that it would be ideal for my colleagues. It turned out that KanbanTool is really easy for them to use. I’m satisfied, because I can finally control and improve the work flow. The project visibility is fantastic. Analytics are for sure the strong point of this application, especially because you are allowed to export data to Excel. I enjoy also some extra features of KanbanTool, such as a possibility of adding tasks via email or integrating kanban boards with online calendars.

  2. Whilst I always prefer a physical board, the lack of space on walls or for whiteboards recently forced us to consider an electronic tool; we use Agile Zen. It works perfectly well for us and provides some useful metrics to measure lead & cycle time and throughput. It’s also an easy way to capture User Stories. However, we’re moving to a bigger office soon so hopefully we’ll get back to physical boards!

  3. Check out Breeze (http://breeze.pm), it’s an agile project management tool. Basically a Kanban board that also has time tracking ( yep:) ), budgeting, calendars, reporting and more.

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