This week’s video to watch is from Jimmy Janlén, an agile coach at Crisp, a Swedish consulting company. It describes the 4+3+2+1 Team Success Factors model that “captures and describes what you can do to help make your team become strong and successful.” 1 I think this is worth the 7+ minutes of your time. Here are some of my favorite takeaways:

  • What bugs you about others on your team may just be the thing that helps them bring different value to the team than you. So, try to start appreciating the differences in those on your team.
  • Collaboration does NOT equal coordination.
  • Ask yourself “Am I prepared to put this team above myself?” and “Am I prepared to do what it takes to make THIS team successful?” If the answer is no, your team is likely feeling your disengagement.

For such a short video, it is chock full of takeaways that you can leave with. That’s not unlike everything else that Crisp produces.  Crisp has always been a favorite consultancy of mine because they produce so many good resources for the rest of us to benefit from – both in books and products and in free materials and guides.

I subscribed to their channel on Youtube! I suspect many of you will too…

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What did you think of this week’s video to watch? Share your comments below!